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Forum Donation Open Now

Post by The Founder »

Well I've tried to avoid it for almost 3 years now since we've been up. But we've been growing and growing fast.
You can look up the prices of dedicated servers and the net and to see what they cost. And those prices are in most cases for just hardware, don't include some required software and support services.
Free servers renewal every months so expensive all thing’s for one man
Without donating no more survive 😞

We are already on a pretty decent dedicated server.
As of recently our server has been pretty much constantly under small scale attack and occasionally under larger scale attacks. I've done what I could to restrain them and we are ok most of the time, only occasional server too busy when there is too much overload.
If attacks keep up or become stronger we might end up needing a hardware firewall or to hire some outside help, that means higher costs again. Hope it won't come to that though.
But regardless of current attacks more members we attract better server we need as traffic and load increase.
So if you find this site helpful, got money to spare and would like to help out you are welcome to donate :)
5 EUR donation, expires in 2 months.
10 to 20 EUR donation expires in 3 to 5 months.
20+EUR expires in 5 or more months depending on amount.
Any amounts in between will be considered as next higher value as custom amounts can be used as well as those listed.
Here is Donation Accounts

Bitcoin ( BTC )

USDT ( TRC20 )

Ethereum ( ERC20 )

For Any Quary Contact Us
📡 Telegram:
📡 Email:
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Re: Forum Donation Open Now

Post by Ladla »

done 20$ good forum

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Re: Forum Donation Open Now

Post by Zaam »

50$ done donation 🌹🌹thanks for the supporting forum

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